Specialized Services

Designing streets and parcel layouts for a plot of land.

Surveys meeting the mapping standards of the Title Surveys American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

Discussing possibility and procedures for a change of zoning.

Land Planning
Designing a concept map for large areas of land.

Annexation Maps and Descriptions
Describing lands to be transferred from town to city regulation.

Easement Maps and Descriptions
Locating and describing area for future improvements and rights.

Construction Surveys
Staking future streets, site grades, and utility locations.

Utility Surveys
Locating existing or proposed utility lines and easements.

Building Staking
Staking the location of a new structure on a building site.

Parking Lot Layout
Designing a parking lot to meet building specifications.

Highway Alignment Surveys
Establishing lines used for construction of highways.

G.P.S. Surveys
Finding coordinates of a point using global positioning satellites.

Tower Site Surveys
Finding a tower’s latitude and longitude and describing and mapping the lease parcel area.

2-C Certifications
Certifying exact latitude, longitude and elevation of a point.

Environmental Surveys
Locating monitoring wells, wetlands and other environmental concerns for environmental companies or developers.

Lake Surveys
Locating normal high water line and depths of a lake.

Governmental Monumentation
Setting monuments and recording monument records to county’s standards.

As-Built Surveys
A survey showing the final improvements, utility installations and site grading.

Accident Surveys
Surveys to assist in lawsuits where exact measurements at an accident scene or property determination is essential for court proceedings.