Services for Homeowners

Residential and Rural Boundary Surveys
Defining a property’s boundary.

Title Surveys
Locating a property’s boundary as described in a title report.

Topographical Surveys
Showing elevations of the land by spot elevation and contour lines.

Certified Survey Maps
Creating 1-4 building sites or lots.

Mortgage Surveys
A survey showing the lot and improvements therein.

Site Plans
Designing building locations, streets, and parking.

FEMA Certification
Certifying that a building is or is not in the flood plain.

Erosion Control Maps
Showing fences and straw bales that will be installed to control water run-off and erosion.

Flood Boundary Surveys
Locating flood boundary line for insurance and planning purposes.

Landscape Planning
Showing, mapping and describing future site landscaping.

Septic Design
Defining a suitable area for the installation of an on-site sewage disposal system.

AutoCAD Mapping
Mapping in computer format.

Informational Speeches
Informative speeches to realtors, attorneys, students, homeowners, or associations. We are available!