2011 Trigstar

Standing from left to right are:  Matt O’Connor (first place); Kelli Sobczak (second place); Joe Sveda (third place); Mitch Oelke (fourth place); Ashley Hoffmann (fifth place) with Dan Birrenkott, Birrenkott Surveying Inc.  Not pictured is Tyler Kraut (sixth place).

Matt O’Connor winner of 2011 Sun Prairie High School Trig Star

Trig Star is an annual math competition where students and their schools compete for state recognition.  The state winner goes on to compete for the National Title.  Sun Prairie has had two prior State winners.

Test questions are based on examples of land surveying problems.  The purpose is to show students how trigonometry is used in real-world situations.

The Trig Star test is made up of trigonometry questions proposed by the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

Competition is presented by Dan Birrenkott of Birrenkott Surveying Inc., with the help of the Sun Prairie High School math department and coordination from department head, Wendy Harris.

Local sponsors: Dan Birrenkott, Birrenkott Surveying Inc., Sun Prairie Rotary Club, Madison Area Surveying Association and Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors2011 winners